Alysi’s Garden House is more than a simple showroom, it’s an unedited space. Its industrial architecture from the beginning of 900 was made special thanks to an interior garden, that creates a sophisticated and contemporary atmosphere, where collection, nature and materials live side by side in perfect harmony.


ALYSI’s showroom becomes a greenhouse where new visions have room to
grow. A combination of interactive experiences and exhibition proposals
create a new, unexpected, hybrid format. COLOUR: UNKNOWN is a series of
events dedicated to curiosity, oriented towards surprise and sensory
observation, curated by Studio Fludd’s Sara Maragotto and hosted by ALYSI’s
“Garden House”.

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Alysi Garden House is an unusual space, more than just a simple Showroom: the industrial architecture of the early 1900s was enhanced by an internal garden, which gives to the space a sophisticated and contemporary atmosphere; the collections, the nature and selected materials coexist in a perfect harmony.  

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