It's a non-profit association founded and managed by young women who work to raise awareness against gender-based violence on the streets, so that walking alone in your own city is no longer an act of courage.

FREEDOM is a right, not a claim.

It is the end of March when, after hearing the news of yet another case of femicide committed on the street, clinical psychologist Laura De Dilectis decides to concretely help women feel safer when they return home in the evening. With a call to action on Instagram, the DONNEXSTRADA project was born, which immediately went viral, with 140k followers gained in only 12 months on the Instagram page of the same name.

Today DONNEXSTRADA is an association that offers concrete help to victims of gender-based violence, while providing tools to prevent the repetition of those dynamics. Claiming the fundamental and inalienable right to return home safely, building an active network on social media and local territories to promote collective participation and re-educate society against gender-based violence and psychologically supporting anyone who suffer from discrimination. The DONNEXSTRADA association offers simple, effective and concrete tools to make everyone feel safer, especially women. It is a right that must be defended.

Contact the association via the website or via email at


“Incredible things happen when Women support each other” is the phrase that appears on the limited edition Made in ALYSI T-shirt.

There are only 100 pieces on sale from March 8th, in ALYSI boutiques, Milan – Ponte Vetero 6 and Rome – Borgognona 42, and online, until stock lasts.

As a bond of friendship between Women, the same is for DONNEXSTRADA and ALYSI, a liason, even more than a partnership, between two realities that look at change with optimism, implementing it every day, not only on pre-established anniversaries.

Throughout this project we want to convey a message of empowerment as a response to the problem. The solution is in self-confidence, in hope, in union. Wishing to go beyond clichés, envy among Women is a concept that is no longer on trend. This synergistic union between ALYSI and DXS wants to underline that support is cooler, always.

“We chose to make the first DONNEXSTRADA T-shirt with ALYSI, from a concrete, artisan perspective. A message that reminds us everyday the power of love and a number, which tells us that each story is unique. We hope that everyone can come together and smile in front of this strong phrase, to wear or to give to those you love, in order to make a true gesture of kindness and celebration towards yourself and the other. We no longer want to just talk about the problem, we want to show that change is in our hands. Empowerment is this.” declared Laura De Dilectis, founder of DONNEXSTRADA.

Empowerment is the common denominator between DXS and ALYSI, two realities made by and of Women. “We at ALYSI make female empowerment our favorite dress: we like thinking that the best product that can be put on the market today is self-confidence, the ingredient that every Woman should wear every day! For us, the right outfit has the magical power of making you feel at ease, with yourself and with others. This T-shirt carries a “wearable thought” that talks about collaboration, support, empathy, and we hope it will inspire a new approach among Women!” Valentina Celata, Creative Director of ALYSI.

The proceeds of the T-shirts will be donated to the construction of DONNEXSTRADA services and projects.


The Donnexstrada team is made up of psychologists and psychotherapists. It is a safe and prejudice-free space aimed at helping women to develop strategies to deal with all those dynamics that hinder their well-being.

They mainly work on: Revenge Porn, Stalking, Cyberstalking, Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, Psychological Violence, Economic Violence, Victim Reporting Support, Abuse and Trauma, Children in Vulnerable Condition, Sexology, EMDR, Couple Therapy, Anger Management, Trauma , Female empowerment, Assertive communication, Management of emotions, Self-esteem, Emotional addiction, Living in your body, Identity, Relationship difficulties.

Contact the association via the website or via email at

Donnexstrada offers an initial free civil and/or criminal consultation and in the event of further defense activity the fee will be at a controlled cost.

They offer advice on: Revenge Porn, Harassment, Stalking, Cyberstalking, Violence and Sexual Harassment, Domestic Violence, Domestic Abuse, Threats, Personal Injury, Separation, Divorce, Family Abuse Protection Orders, Compensation Judgments, Juvenile Court Proceedings, Forfeiture or restrictions on parental responsibility

Contact the association via the website or via email at