Collection Chocolat

The usual feminine vs masculine dualism is now materialized with the mix of sartorial garments with the super feminine satin plissè, sparkling hand-embroidered details embellish trousers, sweaters and organza shirts, Charleston fringes move blazers and men's shirts. New special silhouettes: wide balloon sleeves, double-breasted jackets are shortened at the waist while long jackets become single-breasted for a masculine and stronger image, tube skirts in many fabrics and textures, high collars aren’t only in knitwear, cigarette pants and waisted dresses. Plays of neutrals colors both in light tones, taking inspiration from all shades of the female complexion, and also in dark tones in which the various gray points are protagonists. Neon colors stand out in contrast with the other soft tones of the winter palette, as if they were fluorescent smoke bombs that break the routine of everyday life. Red, cobalt and candy pink: primary colors that restore the balance between neutrals and the brilliance of neon, often useful as a trait d’union.


Military references could be identified in the cloth caban, in the presence of buttons and medals on dresses and blouses, military herringbone trousers softened by embroideries, patches on garments with a vintage and recycled image, gritty leather Bermuda shorts mixed with men's boots. Other inspirations from the English tradition instead are for the presence of the check in various shapes on suits and skirts. Breton taste is in particular denim pieces such as the pleated skirt, or in the striped knitwear that take inspiration from the typical Northern France sailors striped sweaters. The prints are populated with abstract signs like splashes of paint thrown from the brush to the canvas, in a macro version on woolen cloth coats or micro on fluid viscose dresses. Distorted cubes in a diagonal motion stand side by side with instinctive mono chromo roses.