Collection Chocolat

Flowers are always great protagonists in the ALYSI world, because with their lightness, both in summer and in winter, they are able to express the concept of NATURAL ELEGANCE that the brand carries out in the study of each Collection.

"Did you know that Flowers can talk?" - Flowers with essential and naive features, reveal their serene faces inside the corollas and entertain themselves in an imaginary dialogue as if the silk were the pages of a secret diary, filled with doodles, clippings of black and white photographs, notes to remember as “Add a drop of togetherness as an essence in Life”.


In contrast to the more dreamy parts, there is the Glam Rock capsule, with a free and daring soul: feminine and strong looks are born from the mix of leather and black denim with fabrics with special surfaces, such as the cascade of fringes or the metal bouclè in reversible wool. The cashmere is embellished with brilliant threads, and the regimental stripes alternate with pleats that hide gold or copper lurex bands in the folds.

Warm fabrics and informal models translate the rediscovered values of INTIMACY and COMFORT into garments: knit dresses, jogger pants, dressing gown coats, soft wools create comfy looks without forgetting that touch of coolness.