Crème Collection

Who said Summer is always the best season?

The FW 22 Collection is a carousel of colors and patterns that will make Autumn/Winter your favorite time of the year!

Winter pastel tones and very light neutral ones have a lightening power and illuminate the looks, dark ones recreate the atmosphere of a forest passing through all the shades of gray and green.

The Collection looks into the whole universe of PINK, the ALYSI color par excellence, moving from lighter and more delicate tones such as petal, through fuller and brighter shades such as candy and fuchsia, ending up with orange shades such as apricot or canyon, as if they were all enclosed within a precious vintage cameo!.

Crème Collection

After a period of essentiality and extreme cleanliness trends, we go back now to the "graphic power" of prints: different subjects, all made exclusively and freehand, are drawn on the garments with the aim of brightening up the look and attract attention. Stylized urban elements become splashes of color on the tones of the Collection, Anthurium flowers made with the oil technique chase each other on a rough and never flat background giving the pattern an authentic and handcrafted feeling. Essential tulips blossom among the geometry of a damier; little watercolor flowers soften the formal aspect of wool canvas.

Fall Winter 22 Collection is full of craftsmanship that make each garment special: needling, special embroidery, handmade stitches with a "darning" effect, crochet stitches, cotton thread buttons, metal threads that create precious inlays on the knitwear. The co-ord sets are a new seasonal trend: the jacket or vest gladly goes with their trousers or skirts and the monochrome knitted suits create simple but super chic looks.